Who else wants to be an Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire?

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase

Who else wants to join a select group of people who have used the teachings of Pst. (Dr) Ojeagbase to generate more than ₦50 Billion from the internet?

This is your chance to be a part of the most successful internet millionaires club in Nigeria

Dear Friend,  

The information inside this letter you are reading right now has the potential to change your destiny.  

And this is not hype because it has changed the destinies of men and women who came in contact with this same information.  

Men and women who you will meet as you read through this letter.  

You will also read about a special gift for you from the father of internet and information marketing in Nigeria, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase.  

A special gift which one of his top proteges used to earn his first ₦4million less than 4 weeks after he received the gift(you will also read his story in this letter).  

So if you are really serious about changing your financial destiny, if you are highly motivated to do the work to lift yourself from grass to grace.  

Then you will find this letter inspiring and very important because you will learn all the steps you need to take to become a member of the Ojeagbase’s Internet Millionaires Club.  

But first,  

The story of how the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire’s club began  

Why don’t you hear the story straight from the mouth of Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase himself?  

“I was in an underground train station at King’s Cross Station, London, when I heard GOD call me. It was around 8pm. I had just bought the set of magazines that inspired me to establish SuccessDigest from WH Smith, a chain-store bookseller.  

As I was browsing through some of them, which included Entrepreneur and Success magazines, published in the U.S., and debating with myself that we should be able to replicate the ideas in these publications to empower our people, I heard a voice say to me: “You’re ready. You’re ready.”  

It was so audible I was forced to look around me to see who was talking to me. I realized that the coach I was in and the next one to it were empty and the one next to them had only two passengers.  

I was convinced there and then that I have heard from my Father, the Creator of heaven and the earth. Right there and then, I took the decision to start publishing SuccessDigest.”  

Four years later in 1999, he hosted the first ever internet marketing bootcamp in Nigeria.  

And as they say, the rest is history.  

Over the past 20 years, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase teachings has helped students collectively generate at least ₦50 billion!  

His teachings about how to prosper on the internet has changed the destinies of men and women such as;  

- Hon. Otunba Akin Alabi (Founder of Nairabet.com)  

“I can say that the foundation of what I know in business today was built by reading SuccessDigest. I know what I know today thanks to God for directing me to Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase”  

  - Hon. Otunba Akin Alabi  

- Mr. Ronald Nzimora (is a digital marketing expert and author of several bestselling business books and co-founder in Digital Nexus Interactive, a firm that sells over N35 billion in products and services online for its clients every year).  

- Mr. Ronald Nzimora

- Mr. Oyeleke Toye (CEO, Instant-Web Technologies Limited)  

“If anyone reading this letter ever has an opportunity to learn from and be mentored by Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase,  

I encourage you to take it seriously. This may be the missing piece of the wealth puzzle for you”  

- Mr. Oyeleke Toye  

- Saudat O. Salami (Founder/CEO, www.easyshopeasycook.com, the foremost multi-platform fresh grocery delivery company in Nigeria that uses technology to provide domestic support services to working professionals).

- Mrs. Saudat O. Salami 

- Efe Imiren (C.E.O, Serviceforts group, www.businessforts.com, www.travelforts.com, www.bookforts.com) “I began my first registered business as a total green horn, knowing next to nothing; but astonishingly turned-over multiple millions of Naira within the first 12 months in business; All because of putting to work the training I got from the extraordinary NGO, Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC) founded by Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase and his wife Pastor (Mrs.) Esther Ojeagbase, Known to provide practical business start-up training to individuals like me who were determined to successfully give up paid employment way back in 2008.”

  - Efe Imiren  

At this point, if you are still doubting the value in the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire’s club,  

You can easily Google the net worth of these 5 members out of the 1000’s of Nigerians who are members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire’s club listed above to clear your doubt.  

And if you are thinking you cannot be as successful as any member of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire’s club,  

Then we are happy to tell you that;  

You are Very Wrong!  


Because there is no special trait the members of this illustrious club have.  

They obviously do not have two heads.  

They all did not come from wealthy families. (Most of them are a true definition of the grass to grace story)  

Some of them are outgoing and friendly while others just want to be left alone and low-key.  

Infact, the only common trait which played a key role in determining their success on the internet.  

A trait which you can easily acquire at the end of this letter is . . .  

They were all mentored by the Father of Internet and Information Marketing, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase  

  How You can become a member of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire Club  

Read this section of this letter very carefully because you wouldn’t want to miss any information.  

To become a member of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire club, you must have earned at least ₦1,000,000 applying what you are about to learn from Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase.  

Now, you might be thinking it is too late to become a member of the most successful Internet Millionaire’s club in Nigeria.  

You might be thinking all the profitable internet business opportunities are all taken and it will be impossible for you to even make any money.  

Again, we are happy to tell you. . .  

You are Very Wrong!  


The Father of Internet and Information Marketing in Nigeria, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase realized members of his Internet Millionaire club were leaving billions of dollars on the table.  

He also realized there are still a lot of Nigerians like you who want to be a part of his Internet Millionaire club.  

So what did he do?  

He created a program just for you.  

A collection of the proven blueprints for creating wealth on the internet.  

Yes, a program which is guaranteed to show you how to access the millions of dollars on the internet that is practically waiting for you to stuff into your bank account  

He named this program . . .  

Online Prosperity Bundle 

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase created this course to be a proven blueprint for wealth for anyone looking to prosper on the internet.  

Online Prosperity Bundle is a collection of courses which cover 4 criteria areas anyone looking to make serious money on the internet must master.  

Inside the Online Prosperity Bundle, here are the 4 courses with the right information to change your financial destiny.  

1) Content Marketing Secrets( Value: ₦2,500)  

Content marketing secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to Kickstart your content marketing journey and elevate your online business.  

On the internet, the quality of the content you put out determines how much money those contents will fetch you.  

Nobody wants to waste their time reading nonsense.  

This course will reveal the best kept content marketing secrets of the top content marketers who know how to turn very simple contents into money printing machines.  

Below is a glimpse of the money making information which would be yours immediately you purchase this bundle;  

  • Practical and easy to follow steps which would take your article/content marketing game from zero to multi-millionaire status within a short time(Find this information on page 1)  
  • The best kept content marketing technique secrets used by the top content marketers who earn millions of dollars each year that no one told you about (Find this information on page 7).  


  •  10 ways you can instantly create contents which will flood your bank account with cash(Find this information on page 13)
  • 6 things your articles and content must include to ensure it converts(Find this information on page 19)
  • 4 key tips you must employ to make your article and contents irresistible(Find this information on page 25)
  • How to promote your articles and content for maximum profit(Find this information on page 29)
  • The top 10 best places to display your articles and contents if you are serious about earning money quickly(Find this information on page 36)
  • And a lot more. . .  


The second massive profit blueprint waiting for you inside the Online Prosperity Bundle is . . .

2) Email List Secrets: (Value: ₦ 2,500)  

The greatest marketers who ever lived disagreed on many things about marketing.  

But one thing they all agreed on, observed religiously and earned massive amounts of money for themselves and their clients is the perfect understanding that . . .  

The money is in your email list  

It is actually one of the best kept secrets of members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire Club.  

Imagine being able to reach out directly to people who are eager to buy what you are offering at any time?  

This is what an Email list offers you.  

And you will learn the tricks used by members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire club to out earn their competition inside this course.  

Below are money making secrets you will uncover inside Email List Secrets  

  • 7 incredible easy Email list building strategies you can use to build your Email list from scratch which are so effective, you can have at least 5000 email list subscribers within a month( Find this information on Page 1)  
  • The Search Engine Optimization(S.E.O) tricks you can use right now to rank higher on Google search and drive more interested buyers into your Email list( Find this information on Page 3)  
  • How to do article/content marketing the right way so you can build a loyal Email list filled with people who are ready to buy anything you offer( Find this information on page 7)  
  • How to create and manage high converting pay-per-click ads which will fill your Email list with loyal subscribers who believe in you and want to buy what you are offering(Find this information on page 20)  
  • The fool proof methods used by experience internet marketers to build a loyal list of buyers using Facebook ads(Find this information on page 24)  
  • How to use press release to gain exposure for your websites to attract your target audience(Find this information on page 29)  
  • How to build credibility with your target audience using free special reports(Find this information on page 34)  
  • And lots more.  


The third proven profit generating blueprint waiting for you once you invest in Online Prosperity Bundle is . . .  

3) The Funnel Secrets(Value:₦2,500)  

A sales funnel is a sales technique which most rookie internet marketers have no idea about. It is one of the key techniques used by members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire club to triple their profit without increasing the money they spend on advertising.  

If you are not using funnels, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.  

But rest assured, after going through this course cover to cover, you will truly be able to make  

Here are some of the juicy information you will find inside the Funnel Secrets;  

  • Discover the Insider secrets for building killer sales funnel used by members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaires club.(Find this information on page 1) 


  • The step by step guide for constructing an irresistible front end offer( Find this information on page 5)  


  • How to instantly triple your profit using seductive upsell offers ( Find this information on page 17)  


  • How to ensure you still profit from your funnel visitors even if they do not buy your upsell product(Find this information on page 28)  


  • Discover exactly what experienced Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire club members do to get their buyers to happily pay them $5,000 just to purchase their products.(Find this information on page 40)  
  • The beginners guide to write killer emails which will ensure your buyers keep purchasing your products until you decide you are tired of their money.(Find this information on page 48)  

  • And a lot more.  

And last but not the least,  

The fourth proven wealth creation system blueprint you will be able to deploy to change your financial destiny is . . .  

4) High Ticket Secrets(Value:₦2,500)  

If you want to become a high earning freelancer or consultant, this is a must read for you.  

This course will teach you how to attract and sign high ticket deals with ease.  

Here are just some of the tips which you will find in this course that are guaranteed to earn you serious cash.  

  • How to develop the bullet proof mindset you need to sign high ticket clients with ease(Find this information on page 1)  
  • Understanding the way a high ticket client thinks so you can easily earn their trust(Find this information on page 2)  
  • What you need to do position yourself as an authority in your field so high ticket clients search for you instead( Find this information on page 12)  
  • How to create and send targeted traffic to your high ticket offer(Find this information on page 27)  
  • What you need to know about developing a strategy to sign high ticket client with ease( Find this information on page 35)  
  • What the experts will never tell you about building and maintaining a solid and profitable long term relationship with your clients(Find this information on page 44)  
  • And a lot more.  


A combined cost of ₦10,000.  

But read this letter till the end because there is a surprise waiting for you at the very end.  

To be frank with you,  

The information inside the Online Prosperity Bundle have all the information you need to start earning money from the internet as soon as next week.  

And you are eager to lay your hands on it.  

But hold on for a minute,  

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase decided to add an extra gift for anyone who decides to invest in the Online Prosperity Bundle.  

This gift he is offering you has also changed the destiny of countless Nigerians.  

Nigerians like. . .  

How a 24years old undergraduate earned his first ₦4million within 4 weeks after receiving the same gift Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase is about to give you  

Below is Mr. Olatunde Samson telling his story of how he earned his first ₦4million barely 4 weeks after he received the free gift Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase is going to give to you if you invest in the Online Prosperity Bundle.  

“I came across Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC) around the year 2000 and since then, I’ve been an addicted follower.  

My first breakthrough came from a seminar I attended at SADC called Money in the bank workshop. I borrowed ₦25,000 (the tuition fee) from three of my friends in school.  

By applying what I was taught at the event by Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase (my mentor) and my own determination to refund the borrowed ₦25,000 from my friends, I was propelled to a lasting breakthrough in the ICT and Business world today.  

I made my first ₦4 million packaging information products from the CD that was given to every participant of the money in the bank workshop.  

The CD contains over 1000 Resell Rights Products with license to resell them. I advertised the products as instructed during the course using handbills, newspaper adverts and online platforms.  

It sold like hot cake! “  

- Mr. Olatunde Samson

As you can tell from his story,  

Mr. Olatunde Samson became a member of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire Club simply by reselling the CD which Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase gave him as a gift with his full permission to resell and keep 100% of the profit.  

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase is giving you 100% permission to not sell the Online Prosperity Bundle but he is also telling you to keep 100% of the profit for yourself  

This is Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase’s special gift to you.  

He is giving you this gift to ensure you have the easiest road possible to earning your first million naira from the internet as soon as possible.  

The question now is not if what you will learn from Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase will change your financial destiny.  

The question right now is if you are ready to change your destiny or not.  

How much are you willing to invest to change your financial desting?  

At this point in your journey,  

You know how the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire Club started,  

You have met members of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire Club,  

You know what is required of you to become a member of this club.  

You have read about the proven wealth creation blueprint waiting for inside the Online Prosperity Bundle created by Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase.  

You have also read about how a 24years old undergraduate used the same gift Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase is going to give you after you invest in the Online prosperity Bundle to earn ₦4million barely 4 weeks after he received this gift.  

But there is one more surprise waiting for you.  

Remember the combined cost of all the courses in the Online Prosperity Bundle is ₦10,000?  

Luckily for you,  

Starting from today, you will be able to make the life changing investment  

And start your journey to becoming a bonafide member of the Ojeagbase Internet Millionaire club by investing the sum of . . .  


To purchase the Online Prosperity Bundle.  

To make your life changing investment,  

Simply click the button below;  


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