"An Open Letter To Anyone Who Plans On Becoming Financially Independent With Ease!"

Dear friend,

We are not prophets  

But we can tell that as your eyes read the words off this letter,  

You are currently on the SuccessDigestOnline.com website.  

Would you agree with me that the reason you are on this website instead of surfing Facebook or Twitter  

Is Because . . .  

You are determined to change your situation and become financially independent in 2020.

If your answer is YES,  

Then this is definitely for you!  

We understand with all the distraction on the internet, it requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice on your end to be here.  

A sacrifice you would not pay if you did not have faith in the life changing knowledge that is shared by  

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase.  

A man whose wealth of knowledge has not only made him a multi- millionaire but his teachings have also catapulted great business persons like Otunba Akin Alabi to the very top!

Which is something you want, Right?  

Now think about this for a minute,  

Would it not be a great idea to actually sit down with this great business mind and ask pressing questions that have kept you up at night?  

Of course!  

But. . .  

Let's face it,  

Except you are one of the luckiest people on the planet and you meet him by chance someday,  

You most likely would never get that chance.  

So what should someone like you who is hell bent on changing their financial story in the year 2020 do?  

You can either make do with the bits and pieces of knowledge and hope it works (Failure will cost you a fortune!)  


You can invest in taking a large chunk of his business mind home with you today.  

What do we mean by that? 

Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase carefully documented his journey to serve as a guide to lead you to financial freedom!  

Within the pages of his books, you will find the solution to every obstacle you might face in business.  

Solutions he paid with blood, sweat and tears to learn so you can easily breeze to the finish line of financial freedom!  

And for a limited time only, all this wealth of knowledge will be brought together in one massive bundle.  

A bundle titled . . .  



A collection of valuable books written by Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase that will hold your hands and lead you through the wilderness and bring you to the promised land of financial freedom.  

Inside this bundle, you will find life changing books like;  

- How to make it in Nigeria, building your wealth from ground floor up: In this book, Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase shows you the practical steps he used to build a multi-million naira Sports publishing company from scratch in Nigeria without having any connections or Political godfather!  

- HowTHE SEVEN LAWS OF SUCCESS changed the entire course of my life . . . and it can super- charge yours too!: This is a personal account about how the legendary book titled” THE SEVEN LAWS OF SUCCESS” turned his life around and set him on the path of greatness!  

This book comes with a guarantee that if you religiously apply the principles in this book, this book will definitely change your life!  

- What they don’t teach you at Lagos Business School: In his own words, “If you desire to succeed in your own business, even when it appears you are out-flanked and out-maneuvered by adversity and hope is dim, buy this book, read it and digest it. I guarantee that you will be surprised how it will embolden you to not only face the odds but shatter them” Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase  

- Ideas! The starting point of all true riches!: It all starts with an idea! Riches and financial freedom are a product of sound ideas.  

And with this powerful book, you will learn how to get steady, income-producing ideas that will separate you from lack forever!  

You will find practical answers to hot questions every beginner asks such as; 1) How to get ideas 2) How to receive Ideas from God 3) When you should take your idea to the marketplace.  

- Learn it! Do it! Sell it!: Now you have that brilliant idea that will definitely change your life but how do you now convert that idea into cold hard cash? This ground breaking book contains a simplified roadmap that will show you how to take your idea from just an imagination to lasting wealth.  

- Internet copycatting ( 9 different internet business models for you to copy and profit from): Everyday, millions of people go online to take a slice of the billions of dollars that float around the internet. But only a handful of them ever makes money off the internet. Why? Because a lot of them don’t know what to do to earn the money! Avoid that pitfall by arming yourself for success with the information in this book.  

- How to print money legally (Insider secrets for earning lots of money in info marketing): The currency of the 21st Century is information. The oil barons of the new age are those who not only have access to the right information but can make a fortune selling them! This book shows you the nitty-gritty of starting and running your own online information business.  

- How to write your own killer sales letter: Selling is the number 1 skill you must learn if you are going to be successful in business.  

The question now is, do you want to learn how to sell?  

Then this book is just for you!  

The truth is,  

With the wealth of knowledge contained within the pages of these books, it could easily be sold at ₦50,000.  

But that is not the case.  

Because, to show we truly appreciate your sacrifice and how much we want to support you on your journey to financial freedom.  

Starting from today, the 11th of December, 2019 till Saturday, the 14th of December, 2019, 

You will be able to grab your own Dr Ojeagbase Financial Roadmap by investing . . .  



You can walk home with a large chunk of the brilliant mind that has raised countless millionaires over the past 23years. Imagine being able to have a conversation with Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Sunny Ojeagbase at any time. Just by opening the pages of these books! Anyways, enough talk. To lay your hands on the Dr. OJEAGBASE’S FINANCIAL FREEDOM ROAD MAP, Simply come to our office at 36, Esuola street off ago palace way, Okota Isolo, Lagos to pick it up. You can send an email to: mysuccessdigest@gmail.com. See you at the top! SuccessDigest Team. 


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